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Welcome to Trauma Therapist | 2.0!

My name is Guy Macpherson, PhD. I'm host of The Trauma Therapist | Podcast and founder of this community for new trauma therapists, Trauma Therapist | 2.0.

If you're a new trauma therapist looking to gain confidence, learn about trauma, and find support and inspiration, this is for you!

Trauma Therapist | 2.0 is a monthly membership community specifically dedicated to supporting, educating and inspiring new trauma therapists.

When I got to graduate school it was all about “What trauma book do I need to read,” or “What workshop do I need to attend,” that was going to help me be the best trauma therapist I could be. Both of which are crucial.

But what I missed was how much I mattered. And by that I mean, how much my self-awareness mattered, and how integral my own authenticity and presence mattered to doing this work.

And sometimes developing those elements takes a certain self-confidence, and self-belief, which at the time I honestly was kind of lacking.

I created Trauma Therapist | 2.0 to help other new trauma therapists learn the value of themselves and their uniqueness within the context of doing trauma work.

I wanted to create a community where new therapists could learn from seasoned professionals, and also learn from each other, from therapists from all over the world, without judgement, or embarrassment.

This community is not about being an expert. It’s about being yourself, and learning to honor who we are, and yes, also learning about trauma, but then learning how to put those things together all in service of helping people who’ve been impacted by trauma.

Your Instructor

Guy Macpherson, PhD
Guy Macpherson, PhD

Guy Macpherson, PhD, is a husband, a father of two, and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. He has spent the last several years studying the impact and treatment of trauma, and early psychosis.

In 2014, Guy founded The Trauma Therapist Project with the goals of raising the awareness of trauma and creating an educational and supportive community for new trauma workers.

The Trauma Therapist Project has now grown to include The Trauma Therapist | Podcast, now being listened to in more than 160 countries around the world and downloaded more than 100K times per month, as well as Trauma Therapist | 2.0, an online membership community specifically dedicated to educating and inspiring trauma workers just starting out on their trauma-informed journey.

Guy’s focus currently is on creating a vibrant, global community to support, educate and inspire new trauma workers, as well as to upend the present way that trauma is taught at the graduate level.

When I found Trauma Therapist | 2.0 I felt like I was home. The education the community provides is a huge part of it. Your Trauma Therapist | 2.0 puts me in touch with so many different people who work with trauma—and who have more knowledge than I do—and they give me acknowledgement and affirmation that I’m on the right path.

- Caroline, Trauma Therapist | 2.0 member

I feel like we’re able to share information with each other and that we’re allowed to ask questions that are both professional and personal. A while back I felt really overwhelmed because I’d encountered a client that had a really serious trauma history and wondered whether I was going to be able to pull this off. I had so many people from the community jump in and just encourage me and just to make me feel that I was going to okay!

-Jessica, Trauma Therapist | 2.0 member

Michelle Turnbull. I think it’s a great reflective practice to just sit and listen and watch the Master Class Video Interviews and gain those insights and build little gems into your own practice. I think it can be a really great part of your own supervision, in a sense.

- Michelle, Trauma Therapist | 2.0 member

What's Included In Membership

It's About Gaining Confidence: Master Class Video Interviews with Seasoned Pros
Step by step instruction and inspiration from my guests about how they do what they do with their clients.

Get Support From Therapists From Around The Globe: Private Facebook Group
This is the place where members come to share their questions, struggles and wins, and receive the support and encouragement from other 2.0 members

Watch & Listen Anytime, Anywhere
Listen to all video interviews whenever and wherever you'd like.

Meet Other Members And Hear Learn About Their Journey: Monthly Mastermind Calls
Monthly video calls during which we offer support, encouragement and ask and answer questions.

New members have the opportunity to be guided and supported by long-time 2.0 members.
As you join the membership you'll have the opportunity to be personally guided by long-time Trauma Therapist | 2.0 members, to specific Master Class Video interviews or other resources that fit your needs.

You no longer have to do this alone.

Trauma Therapist | 2.0 is an online membership community dedicated to supporting and educating new trauma therapists, just like yourself.

You’ve just found your tribe of people who get it–who understand what it means to work with those who’ve been impacted by trauma.

This is where you get to engage with other passionate trauma therapists from around the world, and learn the steps they’re taking to manage this incredible journey.

This is where you can share your struggles. And your wins!

And this is the place where you watch your confidence soar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Trauma Therapist | 2.0 is right for me?
Trauma Therapist | 2.0 is specifically designed for new trauma therapists (of all kinds) just starting out on their trauma-informed journey who would like to get inspired, gain knowledge, surround themselves with other trauma therapists, and increase their confidence in their abilities to work in this field. Please note: Though anyone interested in learning about trauma is welcome here, this membership is not a survivor's support group and is more geared towards therapists of all kinds, coaches and students looking for support as they navigate the incredible journey of learning about trauma and working those those who've been impacted by trauma.
How will being a member help me?
-You’ll gain the confidence needed to sit with those who’ve been impacted by trauma. -You’ll realize you’re not alone and that there are others on this journey, too. -You’ll learn from the thought-leaders in the fields of trauma, addiction, mindfulness and yoga. -As a member of Trauma Therapist | 2.0 you will be surrounded by other passionate trauma therapists just like yourself. You’ll learn what they’re struggling with, what’s inspiring them, share information, and understand what it means to know that you’re not alone on this incredible journey. -You’ll also have access to incredible Masterclass Video Interviews of the thought-leaders in the trauma, addiction and mindfulness fields.
What’s included in the membership?
-Masterclass Video Interviews: video interviews with seasoned trauma pros about how they work. -Access to Member Calls: zoom calls with your fellow members for support, inspiration and information. -3 Ebooks: 1)inner-work, 2) heart-centered therapist and 3) therapists healing vets -Access to the 2.0 Private Facebook Community: this is where the community lives! -The Mentor Program: Once you join, get one-on-one guidance and help navigating the membership from a seasoned Trauma Therapist | 2.0 member.
What if I join but then decide it’s not right for me?
Once you join you have a full 7 days to decide if the membership is right for you. If you decide it’s not a good fit within those 7 days, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.
Do you offer one-on-one support through the membership?
One-on-one coaching is not included within Trauma Therapist | 2.0. The membership does include Monthly Group Coaching Calls which take place over Zoom.
How do I access the videos and materials?
Everything is online. Once you join you’ll have immediate and 24/7 access to everything within the community.
How Much is Trauma Therapist | 2.0?
You have two options: Monthly: $49 Yearly: $497


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