Eduardo Duran: Indigenous & Tribal Treatment of Trauma

Eduardo Duran is one of the foremost authorities on working with veterans and Native populations around the subjects of war and healing soul wounds.

Eduardo was born in northern New Mexico and at age 14 his family relocated to California. He worked in the fields as a migrant farm worker and at age 17 enlisted in the U.S. Navy where he served for 6 years on board submarines and other vessels during the Vietnam war. Once he was discharged he became interested in psychology and began his studies and at the same time began working for the Navy as an engineering psychologist.

Dr. Eduardo Duran has been working as a clinical psychologist for over two decades. Much of his clinical and research work has concentrated on working with the legacy of historical trauma, which is the trauma that occurs in families and is then passed on to the following generation unless the trauma or soul wounding is dealt with.

Through that process he has learned that wounding of the spirit has been endured by most people in the world and the lessons learned from this work is relevant to most people presenting with therapeutic issues.

Dr. Duran has served as a professor of psychology in several graduate settings and continues to teach, and lecture in community settings all over the world.

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